Christian Health Coach Academy

If you’re looking for a faith-based, Christian health coaching school, the only one I recommend is the Christian Health Coach Academy. Bess Blanco is the founder and her curriculum is Biblically-sound. You will absolutely LOVE this Academy and will leave ready to coach clients with a coaching philosophy that is rooted in faith. I have the honor of being a guest expert in this Academy, as well; I’ve met so many of the students who have gone through it, and they are all just incredible people. You will fit right in!

Bess and Casey
Bess and Casey, sippin’ smoothies! (Of course!)

From the Academy website:

“That’s why we established the Christian Health Coach Academy…to give you a warm place to learn how to build a Godly business alongside other faith-based coaches…and to provide a uniquely powerful program you can use in your own business. So that you are working SMARTER, NOT HARDER!”

“Our Christian Health Coach Certification course is different than the rest. It’s a robust curriculum, full of Biblical guidance and practical application techniques for you to use in your coaching business! Our students are able to start building their businesses AS they learn new topics each week, which translates into INCOME and IMPACT immediately for them. It is a program that has been tested, proven, and constantly tweaked to deliver REAL results to your clients. Our Certified Coach Curriculum is set apart because it’s a unique combination of action-producing strategies AND faith-building activities. This is a beautiful 20+ week experience, creating a STRONG spiritual and practical foundation for YOU to build your coaching business on.”

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This FREE course gives you…

  • 8+ Vibrant, relevant PDF Guides to everything from your Legal Setup to Marketing Your Business smarter!
  • Short, helpful videos to get started using the guides and applying the knowledge in them
  • BONUS material that will help you move forward in your business and make an IMPACT while generating more INCOME!
  • An invite to our warm, supportive free community with like-minded coaches and helpful experts!

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