Green smoothie

How to Make a Simple Green Smoothie!

One of the very best ways to nourish your body is through the simple, powerful, and delicious green smoothie! You’ll get fiber, vitamins, minerals, and amazing nutrition that is quick to make and easy to take! (My smoothies often travel with me to kids’ activities, carpool, errand running, etc.)

Check out my smoothie-sippin’ friends (who participated in a 10-Day Eat Clean Challenge with me where we all sipped smoothies together!) Some of them are sipping a green smoothie and some are enjoying berry smoothies! ALL are powering up, gaining energy, clearing brain fog, improving mood, and nourishing their bodies at a cellular level! (Don’t they look happy?!)

I want to show you exactly how to make a green smoothie. Remember, it’s SIMPLE. Do not get overwhelmed and think you can’t do it.

Don’t think you won’t like it! You will! (It’s not just greens inside this smoothie! There’s fruit, too, and all you taste is fruit. Trust me!)

The beautiful thing about a glorious green smoothie is that there are so many different combinations of fruits, veggies, and add-ins (like cinnamon, nutmeg, plant-based protein powder), that you are sure to find a combination that you’ll love. So, just keep at it. CLICK HERE for some of my favorite smoothie add-ins.

I call green smoothies “health-insurance-in-a-glass” because that’s what they are! When I first started sipping smoothies, I was getting more nutrition in that glass of green smoothie than I had gotten all week. Truly!

So, here’s the video. And, right under the video is a button for you to grab my Smoothies for Health and Happiness recipe book. It’s FREE and you’ll be inspired, I promise!