I’m going to use this page to share various resources that may be helpful to you!


One of my go-to resources is Chris Wark with Chris Beat Cancer. He cured his own cancer naturally and now helps thousands of others do it, too. I always find his interviews with experts to be enlightening and informative, and his interviews with normal people who have cured their cancer naturally to be inspirational.

Chris Beat Cancer YouTube Channel

Dr. Russel Reiter on the Miraculous Benefits of Melatonin

Chris Wark with Joel Fuhrman, MD: How to Eat for Life


This is an Australian woman who knows sooooo much about the body and about healing, and she incorporates faith and scripture in all she does.

Living Springs Retreat YouTube Channel

Balancing Hormones with Barbara O’Neill

The Project Manager: The Liver, with Barbara O’Neill

The Law with Barbara O’Neill