Do you know someone who got the jab and is now regretting it?

What got my attention about Root Wellness detox products was the possibility to help those who took the jab. These products, specifically Clean Slate, help to detoxify the body.

Dr. Christina Rahm is the founder and formulator of Root Brand products. I am BEYOND impressed with her. I have researched many companies over the years, and not one has come close to the power of these supplements, in my opinion. And, the interesting thing about Dr. Rahm is that she worked in the pharmaceutical industry and knows the issues…and knows how to fight the problems.

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Then, just start researching these products and see for yourself.

ROOT Brands formulator Dr. Christina Rahm “has a multifaceted education from Cornell and Harvard Universities in Nanotechnology, Pharmaceutical Management, Nutrition, Education and Philosophy, as well as a Master of Science.  Dr. Christina Rahm is a scientific researcher, published author with numerous publications, and a principal investigator with IRB’s, BOD’s, and research companies.  She has researched and lectured globally for events and classes at Johns Hopkins, Harvard, Cleveland Clinic, Wake Forest, Mayo Clinic, and Cornell, to name a few.” 

See Dr. Rahm’s entire bio HERE.

And, here’s a PDF of her background and qualifications.

This is a short video about the mission of Root.

Dr. Rahm says that in order to fight what is killing and hurting people you have to understand it.  She worked in nanotechnology, saw what was happening to the vaccines and how they are harming people and created a solution by formulating the patents for products like Clean Slate. (Clean Slate is where I encourage you to start with Root.)

Here’s a video to show what Clean Slate does in the blood. This is a live blood analysis and it’s pretty cool. (Clayton Thomas is one of the other founders of Root. He’s a character…and very smart. He likes to have fun in life!)

And, this is VERY interesting. I highly recommend that you watch it.

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