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Beginnings-Single Session

Feeling like you just need to get unstuck? Need to begin the process of reclaiming your health? Unsure of what coaching is, exactly, and not ready to commit to a full package? Let’s get together for one session and you’ll see the change that can happen.

Click the button below and let me know that you’re interested in the Beginnings-Single Session, and I’ll take it from there.

Peace with Food and Body-

4 session Breakthrough Package

You’ve spent way too long thinking about, worrying about, and obsessing about food and body, and you’re ready to break free. You’ve got too much life to live, and a God-given purpose to follow, to continue allowing food and body image to take up so much of your time and attention. It’s time, friend! Let’s do this.

Click the button below and let me know that you’re interested in the Peace with Food and Body Package and we’ll jump on a quick chat to be sure it will be a good fit for you. No obligation. I only want us to work together if we both feel like it will be beneficial.

iSHINE Method for Holistic Weight Loss-3 month Program

If you have struggled for so long with your relationship with food that you have significant weight to lose, this is the program for you. My signature program, the iSHINE Method for Holistic Weight Loss, was created after years of working with women to help them lose weight. At the root of it all is relationship with food (emotional eating, stress eating, fear of food, eating in hiding, obsessive thinking, binge eating, self-punishment, negative habits and thought patterns). This leads to unproductive self-talk, body image issues, and a vicious cycle of shame, guilt and frustration.

Let’s work together to help you transform your relationship with food, once and for all, so you can feel comfortable and confident in your body, and ready to do all that God has you here to do.

Click the button below and let me know that you’re interested in the iSHINE Method for Holistic Weight Loss. We’ll schedule a brief Discovery Call so we can be sure this will be a good fit for you. There is absolutely no obligation.

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My greatest desire is to support you in finding peace with food and body so you can live powerfully into your God-given purpose. Your Miracle Machine was lovingly given to you by God to make it possible to fulfill His mission for you, no matter which season of life you’re in.

When we chat, we’ll talk about steps to move forward to help you win the food battle, once and for all.

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