The Secret that Will Change the Way You Approach Weight Loss

Tired of all the denial, restriction, frustration, and craziness surrounding weight loss?  So many different experts telling you so many different rules to follow. It’s downright complicated.

And annoying.


In fact, doing those things is unsustainable for the long term.

Would you like to know a secret that could change the way you look at weight loss forever?


Yep.  ADD IN. 

When you add in the good stuff, it crowds out the not-so-good.  And, one powerful choice for your health leads to another, leads to another, leads to another…

You’re no longer focused on what you can’t have, but rather on what you CAN have.  While you’re adding in all that good stuff, there’s just no more room for the not-so-good.

And then a funny thing happens…

You begin to CRAVE the good stuff!

It’s true.  Your taste buds begin to change and you will actually WANT that green smoothie!

I realized this when I first began my health journey. 

Picture this.  I had been working all morning and my tummy begin to rumble.  I decided to treat myself to lunch out. I fired up the minivan and started to head down the road.  As I was driving, I was desperately trying to figure out where to go for lunch. Nothing sounded good!  Sandwich? No. Burger? Nope. Mexican? No. Italian? Again, no. 

NOTHING was appealing…except a green smoothie.  That was ALL I wanted. 

So, I whipped the minivan around and headed back to Casa de Casey and had a delicious green smoothie.  (With a cute straw, of course.)

It hit the spot.

This will happen for you, too, if you just give it time.  Just watch how you begin to CRAVE the good stuff!

At this point, you might be wondering what exactly IS the “good stuff”?

(Great question.  I’m glad you asked.)

The good stuff is the God stuff. 

It’s what He put on this planet in its most whole, natural form.  He knew what He was doing when He created this planet so long ago.  The closer we stick to the food He created, the healthier and happier we’ll be! 

Eat FOOD. Real, whole, simple food.

Let’s say this another way just to be sure you get it…

Leave the fake, processed, packaged “food” at the store.  The less you eat from a package, and the more you eat from the earth, the better you’ll feel and the more weight you’ll lose.

You CAN lose weight. 

It doesn’t have to be a frustrating, confusing journey filled with counting calories or counting points.  Shift your weight loss paradigm from one of denial and restriction to one of ADDING IN the good stuff! You’ll be happier and healthier by doing this.  Promise!

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