Try This – Shift Your Thinking

Ever noticed how it can feel really overwhelming to make changes in your health?  One diet after another comes on the market.  One expert after another appears on late-night TV touting the benefits of THEIR miracle solution.

It’s enough to make you want to dive into a bag of Lay’s and just forget it all.

It’s too much.

Too hard.

Too extreme.

Too restrictive.

I hear you. It’s time for a paradigm shift.

Let’s clear the noise and clutter and get back to basics. There are a few SIMPLE things you can ADD IN to your daily nourishment to feed that beautiful body God gave you!

When we think “diet,” we think, “I can’t eat that.”  We immediately feel stress and negative emotions around food when we go on a “diet.”  Yuk. Who wants to diet?  This is why I can’t stand the word, “diet,” and I never put my clients on a diet.

I teach holistic health and wellness; it’s about transforming the way you relate to food and how you nourish your body.  It’s about looking at the simple things you can do to improve your health, one step at a time, and beginning to add those things into your daily life.

Feel the paradigm shift? From ‘no’ to ‘yes’.  From restrictive to free.  From removing to adding in.

So, what can you ADD IN?

For starters, let’s ADD IN a few extra glasses of water.

Most humans do not get enough crisp, delicious water.  Don’t like water?  You will like it more and more as you start drinking it more and more!  Add some lemon or lime.  Maybe you’d prefer it with ice.  Or, maybe room temperature is more to your taste.  Do whatever you need to do to ADD IN some water!

Next, ADD IN some veggies and fruit.  

Especially veggies!  Especially green, leafy veggies!  Do you have a hard time eating veggies?  Try them again. You might find that your tastes have changed.  There are so many different ways to prepare veggies, too.  For the nutrients, raw is best.  Spice ‘em up with some sea salt or cayenne pepper!

Or, one of my favorite things to do is green smoothies!  

That’s right.  Drink your veggies in a smoothie. Almost every day, I have a berry-kale smoothie and it is delicious.


Tip: You don’t have to show your kids that you’re putting veggies into their smoothie!  They’ll never know!  As you are beginning to add in fruits and veggies, go slowly.  It’s ok if you just add one more serving of veggies per day.  That’s progress!

Now, ADD IN some active PLAY time!  

Notice I didn’t say, “You must exercise 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week!”  That is restrictive and harsh.  I don’t even like the word, “exercise.”  “Play” is much more fun and free!

Most of us sit behind our computers all day long.  Ugh.  I want you to find some kind of activity that moves your body, engages your mind, and satisfies your spirit.  


Walking is a fabulous thing to ADD IN!  No gym required.  Get outside, in the sunshine and fresh air, and let the rhythmic motion of walking nourish your body, mind, and spirit.  You can do this with kids, hubby, friends, or alone with God!  Walking is SO good for you.

When you shift your thinking around your health from a restrictive perspective (I can’t have that) to a much more loving, curious, and free perspective (What can I ADD IN today? What new veggie can I try?)

Wonder how a smoothie with kale tastes? See, the way you look at your health changes.  It becomes really fun to love yourself by nourishing your body.

So, here’s my question for you.  What will you ADD IN today??  Go for it!

Love your health.  Shine your light.  Change the world!

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